I was feeling desperate when I visited Daniel with histamine intolerance and severe gut and health problems ...I had lost over two stone and felt dreadful...Daniel was so reassuring and supportive and helped me understand what was happening and to guide me with my diet and lifestyle .
Through his help and support  I am regaining my health and feel much better 
I can confidently recommend Daniel to others.

M.S London



“After being on medication for some time I had gained a considerable amount of weight. I had been introduced to Daniel by a friend and had followed him on social media for some. After arranging an appointment I felt immediately at ease when speaking to him. We spoke at length about my situation, lifestyle and diet. Neither of which had been the best. I could see that Daniel was asking questions in a way to give me a bespoke option rather than a one size fits all approach. After explaining how my plan worked and what to do I left the meeting feeling inspired and enthusiastic.

The support I have received since the meeting has been fantastic. I send weekly messages to him to keep him updated on my progress and this has led me to stay on track. In 3 months I have lost a stone and a half or 10.7kg.

I feel well advised, supported and in control. Daniel clearly knows his industry very well. Mainstream diet plans may be suitable for some, but they aren’t for me. I don’t do well when I feel restricted. I haven’t yet... quite the opposite. I feel empowered to lose more!”

J.W Ipswich



After thorough questioning and testing Daniel applied a scientific method to an elimination diet. This was to stop persistent low level stomach pain and other issues. After many months of nutritional advice and calm encouragement Daniel solved my gut inflammation and I lost 34lbs in weight too.

Latterly I have had specific advice to support recuperation from operations. His support has greatly improved my life, totally changed my diet and I feel much healthier too! I have not put on any of the weight I lost 3 years ago.

O.A - Windsor



I have tried every diet but never succeeded until I finally met Daniel. It clicked why they didn’t work, Daniel actually listened to me and worked out a programme that would fit into my life. He is very supportive and makes everything feel easy. I’m pleased that I have found him and i’ve seen many Nutritionists before so I know it’s hard to find a good one!

Daniel not only helped me lose weight but also supported some ongoing health issues I was experiencing at the time.

R.J - London



I suffered from a long history of digestive problems and have been to see many specialists who have just told me I have IBS and there is nothing else I can do.

With testing, Daniel was able to identify the issue and support it by in a staged approach so now I can live my life comfortably and not having to think of my digestion all the time.

A.P - London



I have an autoimmune diagnosis and since seeing Daniel my symptoms have improved where I don’t have any attacks as I once had. The information I have had is invaluable. I learnt the digestion has a huge role in Autoimmune disease and what can be done to help. If you’re hesitating about booking an appointment with Daniel then don’t, it’s the best thing I did and worth the investment.

MA - Dubai