Genetic Analysis

Genetic Analysis allows us to personalise nutritional recommendations based on genetic testing. We use advanced genetic testing alongside functional testing to fully understand your body's blueprint and function. We can then tailor nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement programmes for you to thrive and optimise your health.  Let nature's building blocks help to create a better you.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how our genes interact with the food choices we make and the supplements we take. By understanding our genetic data, we can make changes that can have an influence on gene expression enhancing longevity, maximising energy, and controlling weight. It simply is the most advanced nutritional programme available and completely tailored to you.

Most genetic testing companies offer advice based on genetic testing alone. While this is useful information, it's the wrong way to interpret and make recommendations. You need to have some functional testing to understand how your genes are functioning. Our genetic analysis involves not only a saliva sample to test your genes, but also a comprehensive test to look at various biomarkers which show us how your genes are functioning. The areas tested include:

Genetic Testing
We test for SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms/Genetic Variations) that may be affecting your health, wellbeing, and the functioning of your body. The areas include hormone metabolism, detoxification, methylation, and histamine metabolism.  

We then make a detailed functional test.  This test includes:

  • Metabolic Analysis Profile
    An assessment of key organic acids relating to how your body is processing vitamins, how it is absorbing those vitamins, gut bacteria balance, cellular energy, and how it is used in the body.

  • Amino Acids Analysis
    Assessing amino acids which help build protein and nourish your body. By focusing on your B vitamin requirement, protein digestion, and vitamin absorption, we get your body working better.

  • Essential Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis
    Evaluating your Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids, Saturated Fatty Acids, Monounsaturated Omega 7 and Trans Fats.

  • Elemental Analysis
    Blood mineral status and toxic element exposure. In today's world, making sure that you stay pure.

  • Oxidative Stress
    Free radical production; looking at the body's "age" by assessing cell membrane and DNA damage.

 Once we have the data, we analyse thoroughly and thoughtfully to fully understand the data and create an individual plan for you. The programme is built around you, we consider your health history, lifestyle, and health goals when generating the plan.  The detailed initial consultation is crucial to creating your plan.

There may be certain risk factors to disease highlighted from the testing but we do not focus on disease risk. This is because the information disease risk markers give us does not guarantee illness and there are many other factors associated with disease risk. Your genes can show susceptibility but they are not guaranteeing a fixed outcome.  If necessary we can recommend medical doctors who can discuss this with you.

Genetic testing can be conducted anywhere in the world and takes 3-4 weeks to process, at which point we shall meet to go through the programme. The programme shall then be staged and agreed on to make sure full benefit is reached.

For information on what is included, pricing and packaging, please see here.

Daniel O’Shaughnessy has undertaken an in-depth study of nutrigenomics and is one of only a handful of people on The British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle’s Nutrigenetic Counsellor Register with this unique skill set.