Clinic pricing

We offer a free 10 minute phone call which gives you the opportunity to discuss your goals and see whether I can help you. To book this please send a message here or call us on +44 (0)207 293 0939.

How our Pricing Works

Our pricing is structured so you can pick and choose what suits you in your treatment plan. This gives you the freedom to have a 30 minute consultation on the phone, send an email asking for advice or have a follow up in the clinic.

Yes or no email questions are not charged as they can be answered in a few minutes. Longer answers or phone calls can be deducted from your clinic credit. We shall advise you before we speak or in an email reply how long that it’s going to be deducted from the clinic credit and the time then this shall be deducted from your credit.

When your credit is running low, we shall send you a reminder to renew the credit.

Pricing & Packages

Single Consultation: £175 (60 Minutes)

  • £450 (3 Hours of Clinic Credit)