How to hack Christmas without weight gain

Christmas is just around the corner and that generally means the healthy eating goes out of the window and the treat day becomes every day, the ‘I’ll start Monday” becomes “I’ll start January”, there is absolutely no time to exercise because you have a different office party to go to for each team you work with, and then of course you have the many friends and family functions to attend. Summed up, December is a month for pretty much eating and drinking and overindulging.


So how to you get to January and cheat the yuck feeling?

- Try to finish eating when you feel around 80% full. This will hopefully stop you needing to lie down on the floor in the recovery position for an hour.

- When out at a party where the drink is flowing, take a handful of unsalted nuts such as almonds or cashews. This can help you avoid the late night chicken or kebab shop or even doing something you regret with your boss.

- Fast: Try intermittent fasting or an 8 hour eating window. If you're eating and drinking late then do break-fast at lunch rather than thinking you need to have something when you wake up. 12-16 hours are good fasting times.

- Keep the carbs until the evening meal: You'll crave less and feel more energised.

- Your mother was right when she said to eat your Brussels sprouts. Part of the cruciferous family along with broccoli, kale, watercress, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips & pak choi, they are important components of a diet supporting the liver to detoxify. Include these where possible on your work nights out or with your Christmas dinner.

- If you have a few late nights planned then make it priority some of the days where you don’t have much on to go to bed by 10pm. This is something your body will thank you for when you need the energy the most.

- Find some time in the day to do a bit of exercise. It doesn’t have to be a full on session but it will be so much easier when you return to your routine in January. This may also help with avoiding weight gain over Christmas by increasing insulin sensitivity,

- Opt for brightly coloured fruit and vegetables. These contain antioxidants to help mop up the damaging ‘free radicals’ caused by alcohol and eating excessive sugar.

- Keep yourself hydrated. Ensure you’re getting enough water in you. Aim to get 2 litres of filtered or bottled water a day and make sure you get some down at the office party.

- Feeling down this time of year?  Perhaps it could be due to inadequate vitamin D. Make an appointment with your GP to get it tested and supplement if necessary.